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The idea of doing shopping from the comfort of a home has awakened an echo in customers’ hearts. Therefore, eCommerce has taken the market by storm. Benefits from this approach for business are also obvious. The time constraints and geographical boundaries disappear - your products and services are available 24/7 for customers from any corner of the world. However, while eCommerce opens new horizons for businesses, competition in this sector is rather severe. To have the edge over rivals you should have indeed solid, secure, and engaging e-shop. To succeed with this, you should hire the best eCommerce developers. Devico is a trusted software development company that provides superior eCommerce software development services and can become your reliable partner. Harnessing rich technical and domain expertise, our company assists retailers, wholesale enterprises, distributors, and manufacturers with attracting new customers, fueling customer satisfaction, and boosting sales by means of digitally impeccable and catchy eCommerce solutions enabling them to stand out in the market.

Our eCommerce Development Expertise

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eCommerce Software Solutions We Offer


Our team delivers powerful online stores of different complexity and for various domains. Rock-solid security, multiple payment options, a full suite of useful features, easy content management, and an excellent buying experience will please you and your customers.

B2C marketplaces

We create multi-currency marketplaces for efficient collaboration between different sellers and their clients. Using an eCommerce solution of this kind, vendors can showcase and manage their offerings whereas customers can apply for the whole diversity of services and goods in a single place.

B2B eCommerce solutions

Devico delivers full-fledged B2B solutions combining wholesale enterprises, suppliers, manufacturers, and subsidiaries, within a single platform. In such a way businesses can efficiently establish and manage multichannel global trade, build networking, and partner with traders from different corners of the world.

Online auctions and bidding platforms

We create reliable and secure online auctions and bidding platforms with video streaming and the most diverse payment options that give eCommerce businesses an opportunity to extend their experience and open new opportunities.

eCommerce aggregators

The team develops platforms that bring together and organize numerous offers from competing companies. Such aggregators let their owners easily host and manage diverse brands while giving them an opportunity to promote their services or goods.

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Our eCommerce Software Development Approach
First of all, we get acquainted with available project requirements, conduct a feasibility study, and define a target audience, markets, and possible risks.
At this stage, the team defines the work scope, estimates the required time and resources, decides on the most suitable technologies, chooses payment getaways and APIs to be integrated, etc.
Devico’s UX designers create user flows being guided by the principles of intuitiveness and simplicity. UI design experts, in turn, work on the creation of interface elements to achieve an impressive yet plain and stylish visual design.
Our team of professional front-end and back-end developers gets down to coding to turn all the written requirements, wireframes, and mockups into a beautiful user interface and realize program logic.
eCommerce solutions undergo rigorous testing that implies the whole scope of tests including security tests, performance tests, functional tests, compatibility tests, usability tests, etc. Due to this, you can be sure of an exceptional user experience and the high quality of your application.
A thoroughly tested, approved, production-ready version of an eCommerce software solution is delivered to end-users.
The team monitors and optimizes the performance of software, catches post-release bugs, eliminates them, and provides ongoing software evolution.

Why Devico eCommerce Software Developers?

Top-notch eCommerce software developers

The company has set the high bar and introduced a scrupulous recruitment process due to which it has managed to hire eCommerce developers with rich expertise and excellent coding skills. Besides, being interested in the continuous professional growth of every eCommerce developer, Devico provides everyone with multiple opportunities for self-education, gaining new experience, and honing their skills.

Rich domain expertise

Our eCommerce developers have dealt with a fair number of varied eCommerce projects. Thus, they have a good knowledge of the main industry trends and needs. By making use of advanced technologies and harnessing their domain knowledge, our developers create powerful, scalable, secure, high-performance, mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, and user-friendly eCommerce websites and solutions.

Custom software development

The Devico team is always ready and able to develop the most complex eCommerce software and implement the most specific features to supply all your needs and set your business apart from other brands.

Advanced technologies

We clearly understand that catching up with modern technologies and tendencies is a must in the IT industry. That is why our team makes use of cutting-edge technologies and popular platforms such as Shopify. Drupal, Magento, and others.

Competitive rates without hidden charges

The company has a transparent price policy without any hidden costs. Besides, the average hourly rate of an eCommerce software developer in Ukraine is significantly lower compared to the one in the countries of Northern America or Western Europe.

On-time delivery

Devico has extensive expertise and a well-tuned workflow to provide the needed functionality within the stated time frame.

Diverse engagement models

The company offers several engagement models, and you are free to choose the most suitable one based on your needs and budget.

100% customer satisfaction

The company has the aim to provide full customer satisfaction and meet all business needs. Therefore, the team strives to gain perfection in everything it does to make sure our clients will get the best that money can buy.

Technologies We Apply


Frameworks and SDKs





Payment getaways


Advantages of eCommerce Software Development Services

Access to the best-of-breed eCommerce software developers

Devico has managed to bring together highly-professional specialists with diverse technical skill sets and rich expertise in the eCommerce domain. Thus, you can have a team of real pros who can fulfill your idea in the best possible way using innovative technologies. In addition, being not only technically skilled but having domain expertise, they can give you multiple pieces of advice and draw your attention to things that you may miss out on or just may not be aware of. Having such talents in place you can be confident that your new software will be a breakthrough.

Quick onboarding

Time is an invaluable asset. When you hire an eCommerce development company, you can be sure that a dedicated development team will be assembled and get ready to work on your project within just a few days. No need for a time-incentive recruiting process, workstation arrangement, workflow setup, etc. A fully-staffed development team along with all the needed software and hardware, and smooth, battle-tested workflow will be available as soon as possible. The earlier work on your software will be started, the earlier it will be delivered to the market. This is of primary importance for many eCommerce businesses.


No need to say that establishment and maintenance of your own development department will cost you much more than development services provided by a professional vendor. eCommerce software development can be indeed cheaper than you think if you hire a proper software development company.


Some businesses may refrain from engaging an outer service provider due to security issues and unwillingness to engage a third-party vendor. Still, software development companies, as well as Devico, always sign an NDA and strictly adhere to its terms and conditions. All necessary measures are taken to provide confidence and secure data protection.

Hassle-free development process

By hiring our dedicated team, you can be sure that the work will be done well and on time. You can focus on your ongoing business activities and tasks. The team will keep you well informed on work progress.
What CMS is the best for an eCommerce website?
There is a good choice of CMS. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. The most popular options are Shopify, Magento, and Drupal. Anyway, let us know your needs and requirements, and we will help you make the right decision on CMS.
What kinds of eCommerce solutions do you create?
We develop B2B and B2C platforms, online marketplaces, bidding platforms, online multi-stores, and many more. No matter what kind of eCommerce solution you plan to build, our developers can manage any task.
Will I be kept informed throughout the development process?
Surely! To provide maximum satisfaction for our clients we arrange regular meetings, provide progress updates, and wait for your feedback whenever needed.
Can you integrate an ERP/CRM that we use with an e-commerce website?
We regularly integrate CRMs and ERPs tools with e-commerce websites as we clearly understand that it makes things easy for customers.
Are your eCommerce websites mobile-friendly?
As long as the vast majority of the target users view websites on their mobile devices we pay particular attention to the mobile responsiveness of eCommerce websites that we build. Rest assured your website will have an equally excellent look and feel across all devices and screen sizes.