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Mobile App for Gig Workers

Mobile application that allows you to automatically track earnings from different applications

Project Description

Para is a mobile application that was designed for gig workers to provide them with a better user experience by giving an opportunity to manage and track their gig work and earnings with ease.


One of the main challenges was to build a native application with a lot of integrations in the shortest term. According to the customer request, there was a need to implement earnings aggregation, earnings statistics across different gig apps, and work history with an opportunity to create an IRS compliant report. Apart from the native application, the team also had to build a website for marketing needs.
In the course of app development, we added functionality related to earnings aggregation, earnings statistics, and work history. Moreover, we integrated several SDKs and implemented several integrations with different APIs of other gig apps. Besides, since one of the services was legacy, our team rebuilt it from scratch. Apart from that, the website for marketing needs was built with the usage of SSR (server-side rendering) to provide high performance and the best practices for modern search engines.
Client and Business Goals:
  • To create a mobile app with a lot of integrations in the shortest term.
Collaboration Overview:
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Development Team
  • Team Size: 2 Developers
  • Project Management Methodology: Kanban
Technologies Used:
Project Highlights: