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Video Consultation Service

The portal on which doctors can conduct video consultations with patients, manage upcoming consultations, and chat with each other.

Project Description

The client wanted to design a portal for doctors to arrange video consultations with patients and communication with colleagues. On the ground of the customer`s request, it was decided to choose the OpenTok library. It gave an opportunity to solve almost all main tasks such as video communication between doctor and patient and audio and video management. Doctors and patients can make video calls from mobile and desktop devices. Besides, doctors also act as administrators and can exclude patients from the conference.

Implementation of consultation management

Consultation management has been implemented as a calendar of events, which enables doctors to monitor future consultations and view detailed information about each consultation.

Use the Twilio library

For a chat creation, it was decided to use the Twilio library with the ability to save the history of correspondence. With the Twilio help, private communication channels are created, and a patient gets access to them via a doctor’s invitation.
Client and Business Goals:
  • Development of web-portal for video consultations and upcoming consultation management
Technologies Used:
    Redux Saga
Project Highlights:
Video consultation OpenTok Manage consultations