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Quick Rack Designer

Quick Rack is a simple, cost-effective, and elegant rail-free solar mounting system for comp/asphalt shingle roofs.

Project Description
Quick Rack Designer is a legacy site that has not been maintained or updated for a long time. This project was deployed on an old version of the Meteor web framework, not supported anymore.
The site must have been transferred to another server. The difficulty was that it could not be deployed using the tools that Meteor provides out of the box. It was also impossible to update the Meteor web framework version since a significant part of the code would have to be rewritten due to incompatible software versions.
Internet sources did not recommend anything useful. We tried different ways to complete this task and finally decided to manually deploy a project. At first, a project build was created on the local computer, and then it was transferred to a new server and launched using the pm2 process manager.
Client and Business Goals:
  • Update of existing website
  • Site transfer to another server
Technologies Used:
Project Highlights:
Google Maps APIWebGL