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Cloud Solution for Managing Documents

Memomeister helps you to organize document flow in your organization.

Project Brief

Memomeister is a cloud solution for managing documents with the ability to organize them by folders and/or tags manually or provide a system to recognize the document and apply needed actions to it. The main idea behind Memomeister is to organize the document flow with workers in the field, which were required to send their reports to the end customer and the ability to process them by different sub-division of the company.

Devico was responsible for development application from scratch to original release.

Project Details

Industry: Document management
Solution: Development • Computer Vision • AWS infrastructure • Full-text search
Engagement Model: Time and Material
Technologies: JavaScript • NodeJS • React • Redux • Material UI • React Native • Koa • Google Vision • Amazon S3 • RabbitMQ

The Challenge

The project was designed for the German market and we were limited by German laws for sending data to third-parties. As a result it was a huge limitation to our abilities, because we were unable to use third-party systems for basic issues. For example, for preview of PDF, DOC, etc., documents we were unable to use Google Docs’ preview, because we could not guarantee where the data would go.

The application was meant to work in real-time and we also had rules to process the data, so we implemented a system of workers, which processed the files after they successfully uploaded. Basically some of these workers called third-party services, and some used databases to check changes in folders to update the state of the document or the folder.

Another challenge was with ACL which was based on groups but also had the ability to auto-grant user access to a document or limit it, if some conditions are met. Essentially, we could have a situation that users can be a part of many groups, each group had some default permissions, and also some changes inside the permission of some folders. But there was a case when we granted user or group access by meeting some criteria, for example, permission to edit the document if it contains the tag "edit".


Devico made all work related to making architecture flexible and also performant. The application is in production and is used by many companies. We proposed a wealth of features that were implemented and are now part of the current project.


developers worked


hours spent


features implemented


auto tests developed

Technologies Used

React Native
Amazon S3