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Marketing Operating System

A platform for marketing orchestration, data collection, omnichannel campaign activation, and optimization.

Project Description

Our customer wanted to create a platform that would enable marketers to run their campaigns across all ad-tech and mar-tech platforms of the marketing ecosystem using just a single web interface. Therefore our main tasks were to provide integration with numerous media platforms and build a responsive and rich user interface.


With respect to the requirements and objectives to be achieved, React.js was considered as the most appropriate front-end JavaScript library for this project development. However, forms in React are rather verbose; that is why we additionally used Formik, which is a simple and easy to use form library. Working on data tables, we applied React Table that enabled us to create a powerful datagrid experience, having total control over markups and styles. Data exchange between front-end and back-end was provided with REST API, while Redux + ReduxSaga were used for data storage.
Our team created a fantastic GUI providing a premium look and feel as well as a great user experience, and implemented the following features:
2Report generation and printing;
3Integration with more than one hundred external services, including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram;
Client and Business Goals:
  • Provide marketers with a solution for effective and easy management of multiple campaigns across various digital channels
Collaboration Overview:
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Development Team
  • Team Size: 7 Developers
  • Project Management Methodology: SCRUM (SAFe)
Technologies Used:
    Redux + ReduxSaga
    React Table
Project Highlights:
React TableFormik