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E-learning Solution

A lightweight and versatile e-learning platform

Project Description

According to the customer order, we had to provide development services in order to design a platform that would provide users with an opportunity to easily find necessary educational courses or create their own ones.


After a thorough study of the project requirements, our team composed the most appropriate tech stack in order to deliver a high-quality product at short notice. It was decided to use Koa for backend development due to its simplicity, speed, and customization. Besides, a range of javascript libraries was used in order to perform tasks promptly and quickly. CryptoJS was used for the encrypting, JWT provided token generation, Moment.js optimized work on the time-related issues, and Passport.js let us easily implement authorization via external services (Google, Facebook). Testing was executed with the help of Jest.

For front-end development, we made a decision to use React.js. Material-UI, in its turn, simplified work on the multiple tables, while Redux Form was utilized for the form management.
Our team implemented the following features:
1Oauth with Google;
2Oauth with Facebook;
3Integration with Stripe;
5Report generation and printing;
Client and Business Goals:
  • To provide blended learning, e-learning, and corresponding tools
Collaboration Overview:
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Development Team
  • Team Size: 5 Developers
  • Project Management Methodology: SCRUM
Technologies Used:
Project Highlights:
CryptoJSRedux FormMobXPassport.jsBabelMoment.jsJWTMongoose