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Dental Practice Platform

A platform that allows dentists to interact with the practitioners conveniently.

Project Description
The client ordered the development of a platform that allows dentists to interact with the practitioners conveniently from scratch. The first impression was that we would do the usual CRM; however, after digging deeper into the essence of the task, we realized that it was an opportunity to make a product of a whole new level for that time(it started five years ago). From the very beginning, it was evident that it would grow. We have required to layout a high-quality architecture with the possibility of modifying it for the project`s changing goals. Here are some examples of the cases that we solved during the project.
Performance Problems
Due to the increase of users higher than initially planned, we got problems with performance. Obviously, our task was to increase the web application`s speed and make it more comfortable for usage. We found a way out of this situation by dynamically loading data and saving the received data in the local user storage. This allowed us to significantly reduce the number of requests to our servers and made the process of working with the application much more convenient.
Security Issues
Initially, our client already had a CRM, which they used in their office. The issue was that they could not provide access to it for their clients since this would destroy the security. Another reason was not to lose existing CRM and integrate the newly developed CRM with the existing one. As a result, we created applied servers and their internal interaction based on sockets for cooperation with third-party services. This allowed us to add their CRM and many other integrations with various systems. Security is one of the most important issues on many projects. And that project was not an exception. In order to ensure 100% security of the project in which a lot depends on the user`s position, we came up with a smart system for assessing the rights of the user and added it to our endpoints. However, to make sure that the server is completely safe, we wrote security tests for each of our endpoints (for the date of writing this article, there are several thousand tests already), which allowed us to guarantee customer data security.
Client and Business Goals:
  • It was required to design the integration with other platforms for a more convenient gradual transition of new customers to the platform
  • Another required feature was to allow platform customers to monitor the current status of their orders in real-time, which was facilitated by a smart alert system and mobile application.
  • Security was the number one issue on the project. So, it was essential for the client to create a completely safe environment to work with data.
Technologies Used:
    React Native
    Redux Saga