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Crowd-funding Engagement Platform

A powerful engagement solution for brands, influencers, and charities to help them create long-term engagement with social media followers, stirring them into action.

Project Description

According to the customers requirements, our team had to create a platform for crowd-funding. A user should have been able to create Crowd-funding campaign and add manually customizable descriptions, images, and videos. Besides, we had to implement the ability to split a fundraising process into several stages with description and goal, where the goal was some amount of money. The platform also should have been integrated with Instagram and Facebook.


As JavaScript was chosen as a programming language for the platform development, our team made the decision to leverage the MERN stack, which was a perfect option for this project. In such a way, Node.js and its framework Express.js were used for the server-side development, while the React.js library let us build a rich and interactive interface. The document-oriented, NoSQL database MongoDB was used as a persistence layer. All database queries were created without any ORM. Component stores, as well as Redux, were used for data storage. All these technologies encouraged a fast development process and let us create a well-running product.
Being guided by the profound knowledge and extensive expertise, our team implemented the following features:
1Fundraising campaign creation;
2Custom campaign description;
3Ability to split the fundraising process into several stages with particular goals;
4Integration with Facebook and Instagram;
5Ability to post on Facebook and Instagram;
6Image and video loading;
7Fee calculation;
8Emailing, etc.;
Client and Business Goals:
  • –°reate a platform helping brands, influencers, and charities increase the impact of their social media presence and stir their social media followers and fans into action through crowdfunding campaigns, media blogging, and digital marketing
Collaboration Overview:
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Team
  • Team Size: 3 Developers
  • Project Management Methodology: SCRUM
Technologies Used:
Project Highlights:
Autodesk Forge APIHigh PerformanceHuge Tree Calculations