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COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform

A reliable, HIPAA-compliant platform that connects employers, employees, and labs and provides secure storage, access, and sharing of COVID-19 related health data.

Project Description

Understanding the importance of a safe working environment for personnel within the condition of the pandemic, our customer wanted to create a platform that would connect employers, employees, and labs, handle Covid-19 test scheduling, securely store test results, and enable employees to share their test results with an employer via QR or encrypted email. Data protection and HIPAA-compliance were of primary importance in these terms.


The Devico development team used the most appropriate frameworks, libraries, and technologies to create a high-performance, robust, and safe platform. AtlasID easily integrates with current HR management systems (e.g., BambooHR) and labs (ORDRS, BIOTEK, RESULTS FILE, etc.).

Employers export a list of their employees that require Covid-19 tests, and the system automatically schedules tests, notifying employees about them.

Test results are sent to the employees private end-to-end encrypted account. Employees decide when and how - via QR or email - to share their test results. Our team chose Express and Node.js for backend development and React for the frontend.

As there were numerous complicated relationships between tables, the relational database PostgreSQL was used as the persistence layer. Sequelize ORM was used with this database. However, some queries were created without any ORM as they were too specific. The CSV-parse and CSV-stringify were used for CVS related issues, while real-time notifications were implemented with the help of Socket.io. Amqplib was used for message queues.
As a result of the effective work of our team, the following features were implemented:
1Employer account creation;
2Employee invitation and employee profile creation;
3Creation of scheduled questionnaires with custom questions as for employees state of health;
4Scheduled employee testing for Covid-19;
5Viewing of the employees recent test results and questionnaire responses;
6Questionnaire completion;
7Test history viewing by employees;
8Sharing of test results and questionnaire responses via QR or email;
9Test creation for employees of various companies;
10Real-time notifications;
12Employee profile creation with the help of CSV;
13Test creation with the help of CSV;
14Export of test requests to CSV.
Client and Business Goals:
  • Create a solution helping companies mitigate risks related to operation during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Collaboration Overview:
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Team
  • Team Size: 5 Developers
  • Project Management Methodology: SCRUM
Technologies Used:
Project Highlights: