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Application for Control of All your Bitcoin Needs.

It is a cryptocurrency management application with the ability to invest and lend.

Project Description

Initially, the application compared the prices ​​in different markets, taking into account the commissions, and chose the best offer for sale. The project included an API and a browser app with client and admin panels. Later the client decided to abandon the idea of ​​loans and remove the client panel of the browser app in order to transfer corresponding functions to the mobile application. As for our team, our main task was to develop the API and the admin panel.

According to the requirements, users should be able to make a deposit and other transactions only after their ID verification. The application receives information about daily interest on the user Bitcoin. Revenues are paid in BTC and compiled every week. Withdrawing is available at any time.

In order to protect users, it was decided to use two-factor authentication, operation confirmation via a phone number or email, transaction double-checking for validity from third-party platforms, etc. The client also wanted to implement a financial incentive system. When all details were clarified and discussed with the financial department and the marketing team, we got down to the development of the referral program, which ultimately increased the influx of users by several times.
Client and Business Goals:
  • To become the first fully-regulated digital-asset bank in the UK and build a safe and fully regulated environment for faster and more transparent lending, investing, and borrowing.
Technologies Used:
Project Highlights:
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