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Admin panel for the dental laboratory

This CRM platform optimizes communication between labs and dentists, arranging and simplifying the ordering process, case update notification, and pickup schedule.

Project Description
According to the customer request, it was essential to reduce the load time of the admin panel. The main function of the admin panel was to regulate the relationship between users and the teams they belong to. The problem was that a large amount of data was loaded simultaneously from multiple tables of the database as it was necessary to display various data such as user information, team information, other available team members, their avatars, etc.
The solution was to split the data upload on the backend side and load only the currently displayed data. Database queries were also optimized. Instead of multiple separate queries, subqueries were implemented, which also decreased data upload time. Also, special methods of MinORM library were used to reduce the server load. All these solutions helped us achieve 1.5 seconds of data download time instead of the previous 6 seconds.
Client and Business Goals:
  • To reduce the loading time of the admin panel as much as possible.
Technologies Used:
    Redux Saga
Project Highlights:
Dynamic load Performance increase